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Over the years much has been made about knowing your shape and how to dress to make your shape work for you.  My name is Esther O’Reilly-Cain and I am founder and owner of Tia-Tia one of the best plus sized specialist in the UK today.  I have been dressing plus sized ladies for over a decade and as a curvey girl myself, I really understand about shape.  With this in mind I have come up with my own version of know your shape.  I’ve put this together over the years of working in this industry and truly understanding our different shapes.  Some will be a little familiar but all the shapes I talk about in this article have one thing in common – they are for real plus size women.

First up is the COLUM – this lady is straight up and down.  She is the same width from her shoulder to her hip.

The CONE – this lady is larger at the top and generally with a round tummy area but goes very slim in the legs.  Often with a flat bottom and thin thighs and ankles.

The WIGWAM – this lady is small on the top half getting larger at the waist with bigger thighs and legs and thick ankles.

The PENUT – this lady has a waist but she also has lumps and bumps in many places.

The HOURGLASS – this lady is not too dissimilar to the Penut but her lines tend to be smoother and fitted looks good on her.

The DECEPTIVE – this lady looks bigger than she really is because she is compensating for one area of her body so she tends to wear clothes so tight or to big.

The HOOLA HOOP –  This lady is often as wide as she is tall.

The HIGH TOWER – This lady is very tall and can generally carry their weight to any size.  They are often in proportion and look good.  This is all about fit and lengths as anything goes.  Particular brands work well for you – you just have to know them.

The TWO THIRDS – You are either short in the body and long in the leg or long in the body and short in the leg.  Balance is the key.

The BOOSEM – If it wasn’t for your chest you would be quite trim.