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Open Thursday 18th April, 10am – 5.30pm
Closed Good Friday
Open Saturday 20th April, 10am -5.30pm
Closed Easter Monday

THE biggest collection
of plus-size brands
in your size!


THE best independent plus-size clothing specialist in the South West (if not the UK) today

Tia-Tia Boutique is an independent plus-size clothing fashion boutique based in Cheltenham.

Stocking sizes 16-30+ we ensure everything is stylish, comfortable and good quality.

We have the the biggest collection of high end brands in your size; which is why many of our customers travel miles to visit us.


This week we have welcomed customer’s from Solihull, Newport in South Wales, Leeds, Harrogate and Cork!…

Plus-size fashion - Tia-Tia Boutique

Direct from our customers:

“Ooh there are so many new things”

“Oh this is gorgeous”

“The comments I get on that long dress”

“Not many that stock sizes above 18”

“You have a lovely selection don’t you”

“I like your website; it is how I heard about you”

“Lunch in Montpellier now?”

“I’m fully dressed in you today”

“These trousers are the best trousers I have ever worn – are you getting them in again?”


Lewis Henry at Tia-Tia Boutique
Angel Circle at Tia-Tia Boutique
Georgede at Tia-Tia Boutique
Just White at Tia-Tia Boutique
Doris Streich at Tia-Tia Boutique
Chalou at Tia-Tia Boutique
Mona Lisa at Tia-Tia Boutique
Q'neel at Tia-Tia Boutique
Pont Neuf at Tia-Tia Boutique
LauRie at Tia-Tia Boutique
Samoon at Tia-Tia Boutique
Robell at Tia-Tia Boutique

“I love Tia-Tia. This is the shopping experience I’ve searched for decades to find. Fabulous!!!”

Tia-Tia customer – Aug 2018

Plus-size fashion - Tia-Tia Boutique


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Call us on 01242 233679 or complete the form and we will call you back:
Plus-size fashion - Tia-Tia Boutique


High Street shopping isn’t for me. It is frustrating and clothing choices are limited. Does this sound familiar?

Esther O'Reilly-Cain - Tia-Tia Owner & Founder

Esther O’Reilly-Cain opened Tia-Tia in 2006 to create a clothing boutique with stylish, fashionable clothing for curvy / bigger ladies.