6 Ways to Wear Animal Print Clothes This Winter

Here at Tia-Tia, we love animal print clothes and accessories! That’s why our Winter 2019/20 collection is full of beautiful prints. We would love to share some of our favourite pieces and ways to wear animal print this season.

Animal print bang on trend?

You may have worn animal print in past seasons and over the years, feel it has had it’s time? I can assure you it’s bang on trend with a twist – greys and blues – cobalts and pinks, purple and orange. Forget the traditional leopard print – think wider, bolder animal print.

How will you wear yours?

Animal print clothes at Tia-Tia Boutique

Can plus-size ladies wear animal print?

Absolutely, without a doubt! Not only can we wear it but we can rock it. Prints of any nature; flower, geometric and particularly animal work really well on the fuller figure and are incredibly flattering for us curvy ladies.

You don’t have to have bold prints, they can be subtle but they all work really well. As long as what you’re wearing fits your body shape and skin tone, then go for it.

Six of our favourite ways to wear animal print:

1. Coats and jackets

Animal print coats and jackets are a must-have this season! They will stand out against the backdrop of a grey winter day. However, although you’ll stand out, this will be for all the right reasons. The beauty with animal print is the sumptuous texture which looks and can feel more luxurious.

Animal print outerwear is the perfect way to add a statement to an otherwise plain outfit. Alternatively, if you feel confident enough, try mixing an animal printed coat or jacket with another printed item.

However whilst this can be trial and error to get right, it can look amazing – and we will help you achieve that.

Animal print clothes at Tia-Tia Boutique
Animal print clothes at Tia-Tia Boutique
Animal print clothes at Tia-Tia Boutique

2. Cardigans and jumpers

Alternatively, you could consider a fashionable animal print for your inner-layers, in the form of a cardigan or jumper.

Again, an animal print cardigan or jumper is the perfect way to add a twist to your animal wardrobe. Turn a plainer top or bottom into a statement look such as a snakeskin trouser with a plain knit and vice versa.

This season, we love long, flowing cardigans and wraps at Tia-Tia. If you’ve read our article about plus-size layering, you’ll already know that pairing a loose cardigan with a fitted outfit underneath is flattering and stylish for plus-size ladies.

So, it’s no surprise that we’ve got plenty of animal print cardigans in stock this season!

Animal print clothes at Tia-Tia Boutique
Animal print clothes at Tia-Tia Boutique
Animal print clothes at Tia-Tia Boutique

3. Skirts and trousers

Of course, you don’t just have to limit your animal print clothes to outerwear and the upper body. Animal print skirts and trousers also work really well. We absolutely love this long, flowing cheetah print skirt. The light material and the length of the skirt creates a lovely silhouette. Try pairing with a black top or cowl neck and some stylish winter boots this season.

You can also achieve a similar effect with animal print trousers. Prints such as leopard and zebra are incredibly flattering when worn on the bottom half. And they keep fitted trousers from looking overly masculine, adding a trendy, feminine touch.

Animal print clothes at Tia-Tia Boutique
Animal print clothes at Tia-Tia Boutique

4. Shirts and tops

Another way to embrace animal print clothes this season is with one of our beautiful animal print shirts and tops.

As winter is all about layering to keep warm, we absolutely love mixing some monochrome layers with a hint of animal print. Below, we’ve experimented with adding some leopard print clothes to some warm layers. As you can see, animal prints don’t always have to be worn on the outermost layer!

Here, we’ve paired a leopard print shirt with a red gilet for those darker evenings. Perfect for evening Christmas shopping trips, days out with the girls or early festive lunches. You will want to keep warm, but also be able to remove layers as you warm up by the fire with a glass of vino.

And of course, you don’t have to limit your animal print choices to leopard print! Zebra print is also a fashion-forward choice this season! Below, we’ve used a zebra print long-sleeved top to add a touch of glamour to a black trousers and cardigan.
Animal print clothes at Tia-Tia Boutique
Animal print clothes at Tia-Tia Boutique

5. Accessories and shoes

Definitely don’t forget the accessories when it comes to choosing animal print clothes! If you’re not keen on a bolder animal print look, this allows you to include prints in a more subtle way.

The necklace shown below is the perfect example of how to incorporate a hint of animal print into your winter wardrobe. The faux reptile print blends perfectly with the other colours to add the perfect finishing touch to any outfit. Try pairing with a more formal outfit this season for your Christmas soirees.

Alternatively, you could choose to finish your winter outfit with an animal print scarf. We absolutely love this snakeskin print scarf! The hints of tan and brown pair perfectly with a similar coloured coat, and will add some warmth to your winter wardrobe. Stay warm and stylish on days out with family and friends with a printed, flowing scarf.

And of course, animal print shoes are a must-have for your winter wardrobe this season. These leopard print shoes are part of our wide-fitting shoe collection here at Tia-Tia. This means that they’re comfortable as well as fashionable! They work well paired especially with black and tan outfits for an evening carol service, or to catch a theatre show with the family this season.

Animal print clothes at Tia-Tia Boutique
Animal print clothes at Tia-Tia Boutique
Animal print clothes at Tia-Tia Boutique

6. Alternate-colour animal print clothes

Another of our favourite ways to wear animal print clothes this season, is to choose alternate-colour prints. If you’re not keen on traditional animal prints, or you’d like to go bolder with your print choices this winter, then consider a modern take on animal print styles.

Animal print clothes at Tia-Tia Boutique

We absolutely love this piece from the Erfo collection of bold alternate-colour printed shirts. It’s ideal for any occasion, because the fabric is a great active wear choice, whilst steering away from being plain. This unique take on a classic style is a great choice for adding colour and style to your 2019/20 wardrobe.

Looking for plus-size animal print clothes for your Winter wardrobe?

There are so many ways to embrace animal print clothes this season! Make room for them in your wardrobe for this season’s “must haves”. Have you fallen in love with any of the items you’ve seen in this article? Whether you want to walk on the wild side and embrace animal, or want something completely different, we have got your winter wardrobe covered.

So, why not pop in to Tia-Tia Plus-Size Boutique in Cheltenham. We stock the latest in premium plus-size brands, sizes 16-30+. We also pride ourselves on delivering a truly first-class shopping experience for all of our lovely ladies. We hand-pick every single item in our store, and we’re always on-hand to offer expert style advice. Head to our homepage and see what is on offer.