A Guide to Finding the Perfect Plus Size Bridesmaid Dress

Sep 20, 2019 | Occasion wear, Weddings

When it comes to your wedding, there are many challenges you may face and finding the perfect bridesmaids dresses can be one of them. However, it can be even harder if one (or more) of the members of your entourage is curvier than the others. It can be tough to shop for plus size occasion wear, especially given the shortage of stylish options on the market. Sadly, getting this part wrong might ruin your efforts to look like a thoughtful bride. With our help, however, you can get it right! Here’s how to find the perfect plus size bridesmaid dress.

Tips to follow

Thankfully, more ateliers are figuring out how to combine comfort and style. As far as dresses go, there are more practical yet pretty choices available on the market. If you have friends that are plus size women, you don’t need to stress out about buying them the perfect dress. Keep these tips in mind when you’re looking for comfortable, stylish plus size occasion wear for your curvy confidants:

1. Go for flattering silhouettes

The harsh truth when it comes to buying dresses is that not all bodies are created the same way. One style probably won’t suit your entire squad. Let’s say you’re getting a mermaid cut bridesmaid dress (or any dress that accentuates one’s waist). Chances are it won’t look too great on someone with an apple-shaped body. If you’re looking for a dress that will make your plus size bridesmaid feel gorgeous, try an empire-waisted dress. Another great silhouette to go for is an A-line dress, which actually helps define and highlight curves. This silhouette will make your curvy bridesmaids feel confidently beautiful. You can read our guide on dressing for your body shape for some more tips.

2. Get your bridesmaids in on the selection process

A great way to avoid unnecessary stress and possible conflicts while planning your wedding is to let your bridesmaids choose their own dresses. You will find that your bridesmaids will feel much more comfortable when they get to choose a style that fits them best. You know what they say – a happy bridesmaid makes for a happy wedding. Although tradition will probably say otherwise, a bridal party can actually pull off wearing mismatched dresses as long as everyone’s wearing the same colour!

3. Consider shapewear

All your bridesmaids will probably agree to don shapewear under their bridesmaids’ dresses. Things like Spanx can make it much easier to buy a plus size bridesmaid dress for your curvy friend. They can help to smoothen out bumps and add support. When buying plus size occasion wear, remind the ladies to bring their shapewear along to make the process easier and more fun for everyone.

4. Shop for bridesmaid dresses ahead of time

One vital tip to help you find the right plus size occasion wear for your curvy bridesmaids is to start shopping as early as possible. A few of your bridesmaids may discover that their dresses don’t fit right away. You need to allow spare time to have modifications made. Aim to start looking for your bridesmaids’ dresses at least six months before the wedding date so you can avoid frantically running around as the big day approaches.

Are you looking for a plus size bridesmaid dress?

It’s easy to be hard on yourself during special events when you want to look your best. With these tips, your bridesmaids will be able to focus on enjoying the event instead of obsessing over what they’re wearing because they know they look incredible!

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