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Brands at Tia-Tia Boutique

 We offer a wide range of brands at Tia-Tia Boutique and have detailed some of our favourites below. Also if you have some brands you like and want us to look into please speak to Esther.

Brands at Tia-Tia Boutique in Cheltenham

Batik holiday clothes

Relaxed dressing for free-form and comfort.

Brands at Tia-Tia Boutique in Cheltenham

Feminine styles

Offering stylish, casual co-ordinates for day time or evening.

blouses, tops and shirts

Superb quality and styling at excellent prices.

beautiful occasions

Timeless prints and elegant flowing shapes in chiffon, lace and jersey.

wedding outfits

Wedding / mother of the bride or groom.

Just White shirts

Feminine but unique.

The experts in trousers

Fashionable trousers and cut offs; trouser heaven.

Laurie Trousers

Sustainable fashion; clothing for quality conscious women.

Lewis Henry

Evening and occasion wear.

Fine fabrics, high quality

Relaxed individual styles.

High end fashion

Key pieces that are reassuringly expensive.

Elegant occasion wear

High quality tailoring, the perfect fit.

Timeless designs

Comfortable and easy to wear fashion.

Parties and relaxation

Natural fabrics, comfortable and feminine fashion.

Trousers and jeans

The perfect fit for jeans and trousers.

Casual fashion

Trendy cuts, exquisite materials and excellent fits.

Pure knit collection

High quality that fits, durability and modern styles.