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Angle Circle batik at Tia Tia

Colourful timeless designs for your holiday

What they say…

Angel Circle was established in 2002 with an alternative view of fashion for fuller figured ladies. Having experience with the traditional ways of making colourful batik garments in Indonesia; this is what brings the unique and handmade feel to our collection. To complement the batiks we have a wonderful plain coloured collection in a variety of fabrics, sometimes with special embroidered touches.

We are very conscious of building long term relations with our suppliers so that we know exactly where and how each garment is produced. Thus we have a good feeling about the methods used in the production process and the impact our production has on the production staff and the environment. We always pay 50% down payment when we place an order enabling our suppliers to go out and buy the raw materials necessary for our production. All our garments are made using dye-stuffs that are approved in the EU.

Angel Circle has its home in a four-winged old farmhouse situated in the centre of Denmark on the island called Fyn in the town of Haarby. Fyn is known for its abundance of ancient farmhouses, beautiful nature and quiet, cosy atmosphere. It is said that the native Fyn inhabitants never venture far away from Fyn. This energy gives a good balance and foundation for our work which involves a lot of travelling. The barn buildings that we use for our company are built of big fieldstones and date back to 1886. Over the years we have gradually renovated these buildings to suit the growing needs for packing, stock, showroom area and shop. To be able work on a hillside with green farmlands and a wineyard as our panoramic view is a pleasure.


What Tia-Tia and Esther says…

“Angel Circle offers something really different to the rest of our suppliers and its signature pieces offer timeless designs in a wide range of rainbow colours. Made with light natural fibres, they are a summer must have for hot holiday days or those of us who have started to feel the heat in a different way!

We tend to carry more items in the summer than the winter as they are perfect for holidays. Angel Circle is a holiday must have so make room in your wardrobe and suitcase!”

Angel Circle Batik colourful holiday clothes - Tia Tia Boutique Cheltenham
Angel Circle Batik colourful holiday clothes - Tia Tia Boutique Cheltenham

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