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Masai at Tia-Tia

Relaxed and individual styles; fine fabrics, high quality

What they say…

Masai relaxed clothing company was founded in 1992. Masai design and market clothing for fashion conscious women who prefer a relaxed and individual style. Using an interesting variety of different silhouettes in a mixture of fine fabrics in high quality and beautiful patterns to create the unique look that Masai have become known for.


What Esther says…

“We are so excited that Masai are joining our collections this season. They offer a wonderful selection of garments in fabulous fabrics at a really good price. It’s a label that many of our customers wear and have asked us for time and time again. I know that they don’t go right up in terms of sizing but they do cover the vast majority of us and I am pestering them to go a size further already! I am excited about this label and for those of you who already love it I need say no more but if you aren’t wearing it already clear a space – its a wardrobe must have and we cant wait for our first delivery!”

Masai Relaxed Individual Styles at Tia Tia Boutique Cheltenham
Masai Relaxed Individual Styles at Tia Tia Boutique Cheltenham

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