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Pont Neuf at Tia-Tia

Comfortable, easy to wear fashion; simple, timeless designs

What they say…

Pont Neuf comfortable fashion is based on the idea of simple and comfortable easy-to-wear fashion that gives women a sense of freedom. Pont Neuf focuses on tops, tunics and dresses. All of Pont Neuf’s fits have a easily recognisable name such as Maria or Kitty, which makes it easy for customers to find and remember the fit that suits them.

All styles are produced in Europe and made from special-developed fabrics. The design is characterised by combining a classic and modern look and most styles can easily go from everyday to party wear when mixed and matched in the right combinations.


What Esther says…

“From the minute we started stocking this label you have loved it. It is easy to wear and suits most lifestyles. The shapes are brilliant and of course very comfortable. Each season bring in something new and different and as we see the collection every six weeks – something new is always on its way to us. Top marks on price and style.”

Pont Neuf Comfortable fashion at Tia Tia Boutique Cheltenham
Pont Neuf Comfortable timeless fashion at Tia Tia Boutique Cheltenham

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