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Samoon Tia-Tia

Casual fashion

What they say…

Samoon casual fashion stands for casual, self -confident fashion for women wearing plus size. Trendy cuts, high quality materials and an excellent fit accentuate the wearer’s femininity. Skilful interpretations of current fashion trends ensure that feminine curves are shown in the best possible light, resulting in a new self-assured body perception.


What Esther says…

“Samoon casual fashion is definitely on my list of favourites as I really like the versatility of what they offer. Their jeans fit really well and the style is young and fresh. It brings all the swagger of Gerry Webber but for plus size. Some seasons have been better than others but from a quality, price and style element its a hit each time.”

Samoon casual fashion self confident fashion at Tia Tia Boutique Cheltenham
Samoon casual self confident fashion at Tia Tia Boutique Cheltenham

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