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The Signature mark is characterised by good basic models that any woman should have. Signature stands out in a relaxed and comfortable style, focusing on current colours and formatted prints.

What they say…

Signature started in 1992 with a pure knit collection, we have developed our business so the collection today consists of a whole concept.

The team behind Signature is experienced and creative designers, sellers and buyers who constantly seek inspiration on the global market through trips at home and abroad to find the best trends. We follow the trends and demands of time and ensure that our customers receive fashionable quality products at the right time at the right price.

The collection currently consists of a whole concept of knitwear, t-shirts, jackets, trousers skirts and shorts. The basis is high quality that fits European weather and clothes.
The Signature collection is aimed at the woman who is looking for good fit and quality, long durability and modern and comfortable style.

Signature pure knit collection at Tia Tia Boutique Cheltenham
Signature pure knit collection at Tia Tia Boutique Cheltenham

“Signature is one of our entry level brands and offers a good look at a good price. We tend to use them for our basics as many of you will already know. Their vest tops in the summer and polo necks in the winter fill many of your wardrobes and you come back each season to refresh and buy the new colours that they introduce each season. It isn’t easy to find a brand that keeps the price very affordable while offering good quality. They sit proudly against our more expensive collections and offer excellent basics that work well for any outfit or occasion. Who wants to spend a fortune on the basics? Signature keep it real – love it.”

Esther x

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