Building a Plus-Size Winter Wardrobe: Staying Warm and Stylish

Oct 30, 2019 | Plus Size Fashion Advice, Winter

Whether you’re looking for a whole new winter wardrobe, or just want to update your collection with a few new pieces, you’ll want to make sure you’re both warm and stylish this season. So, we’ve listed all of the essential components of a plus size winter wardrobe, and also included some our favourite pieces in each category!

A trusty winter coat

As the temperature drops, you’ll want to take off your light summer jackets and pack them away for the winter. So, of course, the first place to start when it comes to updating your winter wardrobe is with a cosy winter coat.

When choosing a plus size coat, the most important thing is to consider your body shape. Adding a coat that’s too loose or shapeless is only going to hide your curves – not accentuate them! And if there’s one thing we stand for at Tia-Tia, it’s celebrating curves. We will help you make the perfect selection – a coat that flatters and is good on the shoulder. Our expert eye will make sure it is just right.

And of course, the colour will need to complement your skin tone, as well as the other pieces in your winter wardrobe. Opting for monochrome coats can be a great way to ensure that what you’ve chosen is versatile enough to be worn with multiple outfits. However if plain isn’t your thing, or your event warrants a statement coat, go for something bolder.

For some of our favourite plus size coats this season, read our Coats and Jackets Top Picks article.

A lighter jacket

Our winters are not always cold enough for a big top coat. And some of us are warmer than we might ordinarily be and therefore wouldn’t want a big coat. A mid-weight lighter jacket is absolutely for you. A lighter jacket or coatigan can be worn as an extra layer as you nip around town and can transition from outside to inside – if you stop for a nice coffee. You might still need an extra bit of warmth while the fire warms up.

Whether you choose a hooded jacket, or a blazer it’s always a good idea to choose a slightly more fitted option. Us plus size ladies can easily fall into the trap of thinking that looser outfits are more flattering. However, loose outfits often drown out our shapes in extra fabric. So, when choosing your light jackets this winter, opt for ones that are more form-fitting.

Whatever you decide top coat or lighter coatigan, getting the fit right is the most important part. We often say to customers to forget the number whether you go up or down a size; it is about the fit.

Winter dresses and skirts

A winter dress is an excellent addition to your winter collection. Finding the right one with sleeve length, hem length and fit can be a challenge. But we have done so much of the hard work for you as our collection should cover all bases. Whether it is an occasion dress, a smart casual dress we have the look.

A main benefit of a winter dress is it is a one piece item which can be more comfortable, whatever the temperature. Match with opaque tights, boots or heels for a finished look.

This seasons must have is a pleated skirt which gives a nice straight sillouhete and can be worn with a variety of tops and amazing with flat or heeled boots. We have a lovely selection of long skirts this season.

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Plenty of options for layering

Layering is essential in cold winter weather and when building a winter wardrobe consider how you might layer each piece. A general guide to layering is that you should be able to remove one layer and still have a complete, finished outfit. So choose pieces that can be worn as a standalone item, or as part of a layered ensemble.

Make sure to get plenty of light pieces that can easily be paired with other layers. Also, don’t be afraid to experiment with length, as mixed-length layers are a flattering way to layer like an expert. Below is a great example of mixed-length layering, with a lighter jumper being worn under a thicker winter coat. This is perfect for a cold evening event such as firework displays where you’ll need some extra warmth. And you can always remove layers as you warm up by the bonfire!

As a plus size lady, there are some foolproof layering tips you can follow to stay warm and stylish this winter. And luckily, we’ve included them in our article about plus size layering!

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Knitwear can form the staple of a winter wardrobe. It offers an array of neck styles, polo, cowl, boat, v-neck, that flatters any figure. Knit doesn’t necessarily mean wool and doesn’t mean thick or bulky. Smoother, thinner knits and perfect for layering.

You could have an elegant evening knitwear that brings sparkle and glamour down to a basic black polo – each has its place in your winter wardrobe.

There are many ways to wear knitwear stylishly this season. You should feel free to be bolder when it comes to knitted items – try a stand-out pattern, or a bolder colour to make your knitwear a real feature. Try playing with a few knitwear options of different lengths. Whether you choose a knitted jumper, or a long knitted cardigan, knitwear will keep you both warm and trendy this season.

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Winter 2019 trends

If you’re updating your winter wardrobe this year, then you’ll want to embrace some of the latest fashion trends.

Shades of blue, cerulean and aquamarine have flooded the catwalks this year, and they’re not going anywhere over the holidays. So, try something new this winter and dare to be bold with blue!

Animal print is also very on-trend this season. So, make sure to stock up on animal print items when updating your winter wardrobe. Animal print such as leopard or cheetah adds glamour to otherwise plain outfits.

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Warm shoes

You should also make sure to think head to toe when updating any winter wardrobe. So, don’t forget about the footwear! Winter is the time for blustery walks, winter fairs and Christmas markets. So, you’ll need to think ‘practical and warm’ as well as fashionable.

And no winter wardrobe is complete without a stylish pair of boots. Boots are such a versatile option. They can be worn over trousers, under dresses and skirts, with tights or without. We love long, heeled boots as they elongate the body and accentuate the legs. However, shorter boots without a heel are perfect for long walks in the chilly winter weather.

Sargasso & Grey desert ankle boots – in store now!

Winter accessories

 Accessories change any winter wardrobe, and can make a previous season look entrend. Adding a scarf in this season’s print or colour can really make a difference and can give you the option of wearing a colour you might not ordinarily choose. We have a fabulous selection that will give you warmth, colour and style this season.

Finding the perfect piece of jewellery is an affordable way to enhance an outfit. We stock a wonderful collection of jewellery from brands such as Envy, Park Lane Accessories and many more, all to compliment your wardrobe.

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Build your perfect plus size winter wardrobe

Ultimately, when building your perfect plus size winter wardrobe, you’ll want to choose options that keep you warm, as well as stylish. Whether you are building a capsule collection or need more versatility, finding pieces that flatter your shape are key to making you feel your very best throughout winter and over the Christmas holidays.

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