Plus Size Holiday Clothes – My Top Picks For Trendy Women

Jun 28, 2019 | Holidays | 0 comments

In my career as a plus size clothing boutique owner, I have come across many women who dread sunny holidays because they simply can’t find anything to wear. And I’ve been there myself! As a larger lady, it can be difficult to find holiday clothes that make you feel both comfortable and fashionable. So, here are some of my top picks and my best advice when it comes to plus size holiday clothes for curvy women who still want to be trendy!

Pick Something Comfortable For Travel

Most people put more thought into the clothes they’ll be wearing on the holiday itself. But it’s also important to think about what you’ll be wearing during the travel portion of the holiday. Especially if you’re going to be on a long flight, you want something that’s not going to be too restrictive or uncomfortable.

You should also think about an outfit that will transition well from British weather to the weather abroad. You don’t want to arrive at the airport in heavy knitwear when you’re going to step off the plane into warm weather. And similarly, you don’t want to return to the UK in skimpy holiday attire when it’s bound to be chilly!

This example from Biggi M is a great option for travel. It is light, airy and comfortable, and isn’t too tight or restrictive. And the option to layer the outfit with a shawl style cardigan gives you versatility when it comes to temperature.

Choose Light Fabrics

When looking for plus size summer clothing or plus size holiday clothes, it’s important to find a fabric that’s light and airy. You want the fabric to be able to breathe. So, make sure to choose something that isn’t too heavy. This makes materials such as cotton and linen ideal choices for hot and sunny holiday destinations.

Take a look at this example from Angel Circle. The fabric of the dress is light, and it does not cling to the body. This helps you to stay cool even in the warmest of weathers.

Think Pretty and Patterned

It is such a misconception that plus size ladies should avoid patterns. In fact, patterns can be incredibly flattering for curvy ladies. It’s all about finding a pattern that works with you and your body. And patterned plus size holiday clothes are just so much fun! You’ll definitely feel like the centre of attention in all the right ways, and you’re sure to end up with some fun, bright holiday snaps.

This beautiful Samoon holiday dress is such a great example of a patterned dress that works well for curvy women.

Stay Away From Black

As a larger lady, I have read time and time again that I should be wearing black clothing which is ‘slimming.’ But this can often be so wrong! And especially as a plus size lady on holiday, you don’t want to wear boring black, which can conduct heat and warm you up.

At the Tia Tia plus size boutique we believe that bold is beautiful. And if appearing slimmer is important to you, there are plenty of other ways to achieve this without wearing black. You have to think about what is flattering for your body, personally. But flowing, loose sleeves, V-necks and bold colours are a great start!

Don’t Forget About Accessories

When planning plus size holiday outfits, you should never forget about the accessories! Of course, when taking jewellery and other accessories on holiday, you should never take your most prized pieces. But a fun complementary or contrasting accessory can add the perfect finishing touch to a holiday outfit.

When thinking about holiday accessory pieces, anything subtly nautical, or beach themed can work really well. Such as this white shell necklace. Gold accents such as hooped earrings are also a great option!

Pack for the Day and the Night

You shouldn’t forget about what you’re going to wear during the evenings. As much as you need your pool and beachside dresses, you’ll also need some clothes for slightly chillier evenings. You should think about clothes that you can layer if necessary, when the temperature drops a little. Evening clothes also give you the opportunity to go a little darker or deeper in colour.

This set from Angel Circle is a favourite at Tia Tia. The trousers and top are both made of lightweight, airy material to help keep you cool, as well as being incredibly flattering. And the long, purple shirt provides a bit of cover without being stifling or heavy.

Need More Advice On Plus Size Holiday Clothes?

At the Tia Tia plus size boutique, we go above and beyond for our customers. We help them to choose every outfit with the same care we would take to choose an outfit for ourselves. And right now, we have some really beautiful plus size holiday clothes in stock.

If you want some more personal advice or support, why not pop into the Tia Tia plus size fashion boutique in Cheltenham, or contact me for a chat?