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Plus-Size Mother of the Bride Outfit – 10 tips for choosing the best outfit

Jan 30, 2019 | Mother of the Bride / Groom, Occasion wear, Spring

Weddings happen all year round and having some inspiration for a stunning outfit is always helpful. However if you are Mother of the Bride or Mother of the Groom it needs even more careful consideration.

Here are my top 10 and most important tips for occasion wear for any Mother of the Bride or Groom to consider before choosing that special outfit.

Mother of the Bride Groom - Tia Tia Boutique, good from the front and back

1. Look good from the front – but the back matters too!

This is so important because some outfits look fantastic straight on but can be disastrous from the back or side especially if the fit is not good.

Really examine yourself from all angels and ensure that the shape and style works from all points.

After all your back may well be seen more than your front!

2. Colours, textures & fabrics

Forget about whats “in” – it’s more important that it flatters your skin tone and hair colour. If it happens to be this seasons on-trend colour then all well and good but don’t wear it if it doesn’t work for you.

At Tia-Tia the truth is every colour is in. The seasons bring different tones i.e. Autumn and Winter – colours tend to be stronger than those of the spring and summer.

Fabrics and textures vary but not as much as you think they might so if the stronger colours suit you better, start looking in that season. Its never too early if you find the right outfit.

3. I don’t want to look frumpy!

Dam right. Gone are the days when everything comes co-ordinated. You can mix it up as much as you like. Stay true to yourself and go for what suits you. Weddings aren’t as dressy as they once were so this opens up a lot of options.

Mother of the Bride Groom - Tia Tia Boutique, never sandwich colours

4. How easy / comfortable is it to wear?

You need something that doesn’t flop about and requires fiddling with. From standing around chatting and from a photo point of view this is really important.

5. What is the setting?

Think about the setting for the wedding – in a marquee at home or a big Cathedral you will require a different type of outfit. If there is dancing in the evening, choose something that will cope or consider an additional change.

6. What about the hat?

Unless your event has a strict dress code or is very formal you can wear what best suits you. If you choose to wear the spray on a fascinator, ensure it is the same side as your parting – however this is a guide and not set in stone.

A hat needs to be placed so that you have to slightly elevate your neck to see out from under the brim. Never wear a hat on the back of your head – EVER!

If you choose not to go for a hat, consider some stand out earrings and treat yourself to a professional blowdry.

Mother of the Bride Groom - Tia Tia Boutique, what about the hat?
Mother of the Bride Groom - Tia Tia Boutique, what is the setting

7. Never sandwich!

Sounds odd but don’t buy a outfit in say navy to put a pink hat, pink bag and pink shoes with it. This just looks old fashioned and breaks the eye line up to much.

Instead choose navy shoes and bag then add the splash of colour with the hat, fascinator or accessories. The longer the line without a break the slimmer you will look.

8. Does it look good in a photograph?

Take a picture of yourself in it and see if you like it – some outfits photograph better than others.

9. Accessories

Plain outfits can take a statement piece such as costume jewellery or real. If you go for a pattern then keep accessories to a minimum and simple. If you are wearing silk pearls always go beautifully and are very classy.

10. Alterations

Don’t be afraid to have alterations done – the price is generally small and can make a garment go from high street to designer because of the fit – I promise.

Mother of the Bride Groom - Tia Tia Boutique, accessories and alterations

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