6 Plus Size Winter Fashion Tips For 2019

Oct 10, 2019 | New Season, Plus Size Fashion Advice

With winter fast approaching, it’s a great time to think about updating your wardrobe. Here are some tried and tested plus size winter fashion tips to keep yourself comfortable, warm and fashionable this winter!

1. Learn how to layer

Layering can often be a worry for plus size ladies! With temperatures dropping by the day, you need to stay nice and warm – but you don’t want to look bulky or frumpy! However, with some practice, layers don’t have to mean the latter.

Always consider your silhouette, and use mixed-length layers to accentuate and elongate your shape. Try cinching your waist with a belt or tie, tucking in waist-length pullovers and pairing outfits with lengthening accessories or heels to achieve this.

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Plus-size winter fashion

2. Stock up on tights

Cold weather doesn’t mean that you have to pack all of your dresses and skirts away for the winter.

Get maximum wear out of your skirts and dresses by pairing them with tights or stockings. The colder the weather, the thicker the denier! However, you’ll want to make sure you’re buying tights with plenty of stretch. There’s nothing worse than being restricted or cut into by poorly-fitting hosiery!

At Tia Tia, we stock a variety of tights with a wide range of denier for plus size ladies. All of our tights are also guaranteed to be comfortable and stylish!

3. Find the perfect winter accessories

The cold weather in Autumn and Winter also gives you an excuse to shop for some accessories – especially practical ones such as scarves.

A stylish scarf can be a great accent for a winter outfit – particularly cashmere or silk! These can keep you nice and warm while also making sure you stay fashionable on cold, blustery days.

Long necklaces are also idea accessories for colder days. Wearing a long necklace elongates the body. You should pair long necklaces with layered looks to add the appearance of length, which will elongate the body and compensate for bulky layers.

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Plus-size winter fashion
Plus-size winter fashion

4. Find the right coat for the occasion

Of course, you’ll need to find at least one winter coat or jacket to complete your wardrobe this season!

However, the perfect coat really depends on the occasion. Will it be worn on chilly evening walks, or Winter fairs? Or perhaps for special occasions such as Christmas parties, galas and events. The former will require a less formal option that provides plenty of warmth from the cold outdoors. Whereas the latter, being more formal, can perhaps offer less warmth if you’ll be taking it off when you arrive.

And what will you be wearing your coat with? You’ll want to be sure that the colour and fabric complements your overall outfit as well as the occasion.

And of course, finding a coat or jacket that suits your body type and style is also essential. Avoid oversized coats that leave you drowning in shapeless fabric, and consider a coat with a waist tie to add some shape.

5. Consider your fabrics

Unfortunately, dressing for winter isn’t as easy as just pairing your summer wardrobe with a winter coat.

Warm-weather fabrics are designed to keep you cool – not something you want in cold winter temperatures! So, you’ll need to update your winter wardrobe with thicker, yet still breathable fabrics to make sure you keep warm.

Winter fabrics such as down, flannel, wool, denim and cashmere are great options for staying warm as the temperatures drop.
But beyond keeping you warm, winter fabrics like wool and cashmere are designed to add texture and visual depth to your outfits for winter styling.

Plus-size winter fashion

6. Dare to be bold

Winter is a great time of year to think bold when it comes to the colours you wear. As the light fades in the winter months, colours appear bolder and starker, compared to bright summer weather which makes colours appear more muted.

This means that you can be a bit bolder with the colours of your winter wardrobe. Consider whites and blacks, as well as brighter colours when shopping for the winter season. Stylish shades of rich reds and greens are always great options for the winter season, as they are particularly festive!

Plus Size Winter Fashion

As always, if you’re looking for a great range of plus size winter fashion, be sure to pop into the Tia Tia plus size boutique in Cheltenham. We stock the latest in plus size brands for stylish ladies who want to wow this season.

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