Introducing the New Tia Tia Plus Size Ladies Fashion Blog

Jun 21, 2019 | News | 0 comments

Hi, my name is Esther. I run Tia Tia in Cheltenham – a plus size ladies fashion boutique for curvy women with style. I’ll be writing a lot more blog posts this year. So, I’d love to introduce any new readers to my plus size fashion blog, and give you a feel of what to expect. Here are all the things you can expect from the Tia Tia plus size fashion blog.

1. Someone Who Understands

I am a plus size lady myself so I understand the frustration that comes with shopping for plus size ladies fashion on the High Street or online. I have been there with you ladies, not able to find my size in beautiful clothing, and feeling like I don’t deserve to be fashionable because of my body. When I make recommendations, or give advice, you can therefore be sure it comes from a place of understanding.

2. Positivity

I truly believe that big is beautiful. I’ve come to love my body, and I absolutely love shopping for clothes. And us plus size ladies get enough negativity from ourselves, others, and the fashion industry in general. So, anything written on the Tia Tia plus size fashion blog will be filled with positivity! Let’s put the joy back into plus size fashion.

3. Good Advice

Let’s get this straight. I’ve heard and read so much bad advice when it comes to plus size ladies fashion. ‘Don’t wear patterns. Only where monochrome. Only wear black. No tight clothes.’ And quite frankly, this is all rubbish. As a plus size woman that knows fashion, I’ll be giving you lots of tips for the curvy lady who still wants to look trendy and fashionable. For more information on this, check out my recent article on why I hate plus size fashion advice.

4. Some Really Beautiful Clothes

I have been running the Tia Tia plus size fashion boutique in Cheltenham for many years now. Myself and my business partner hand-pick every garment in our shop directly from manufacturers. And we also try on everything we purchase. We’ve therefore ended up with quite the collection of beautiful plus size ladies fashion that updates every season. I’ll be posting recommendations and pictures of my top picks and favourites on my plus size fashion blog. Be sure to keep checking back for the latest in plus size ladies fashion!

5. A Celebration of Curves

Most importantly, the Tia Tia plus size fashion blog is a celebration of our curves! You’ll never read the phrase ‘problem areas’ or ‘how to cover up’ on this blog. I wholeheartedly believe in accentuating and celebrating your curves with every garment you wear. Of course, you need to feel comfortable in what you’re wearing. But at Tia Tia, we just don’t believe in hiding your body.

Keep On The Look-Out For More Plus Size Ladies Fashion Blog Posts

Have you enjoyed this post, or any other post you’ve read on the Tia Tia plus size fashion blog? Then be sure to keep checking back regularly for more updates, recommendations and beautiful plus size clothes!

If anything has caught your eye, why not visit us at the Tia Tia boutique in Cheltenham? Or, you can contact me for some more personalised advice and to find out more.