Why Plus Size Fashion Advice Often Gets it Wrong

Jul 12, 2019 | Plus Size Fashion Advice | 0 comments

Let’s get something straight once and for all. I read a lot of fashion blogs and see a lot of plus size fashion advice for plus size ladies that gets things so wrong. So, I want to clear things up once and for all when it comes to plus size ladies fashion. This article covers why I hate plus size fashion blogs, and lays out what you can expect from the Tia Tia plus size fashion blog that is so different.

Plus Size Fashion Advice is So Patronising!

The first thing on my list is that I can’t stand being patronised. ‘Oh, you’re a plus size lady? And you still want to be fashionable?’ Of course we want to be fashionable! Us plus size ladies have just as much right to fashionable, beautiful clothing as anyone else. At the Tia Tia plus size women’s fashion boutique, I can guarantee that you will never feel patronised or criticised.

The Phrase ‘Problem Areas’

Okay, this is a major pet peeve of mine. At Tia Tia plus size boutique, we don’t believe in ‘problem areas.’ We celebrate the larger lady and all of her areas! Of course, there might be some areas of your body that you’re less comfortable with, and you need to feel comfortable in what you’re wearing. But trust me, you’re not the ‘problem.’ Modern fashion often makes us feel like we are ‘less than’ and that we should be covering up parts of our body. But we say, as long as you feel comfortable, flaunt it!

Plus Size’ Isn’t Just One Size

Over the years, I have read lots of plus size fashion advice about what plus size women should and shouldn’t wear. ‘Don’t wear patterns. Don’t wear tight clothing. Make sure you have longer sleeves. Avoid vertical stripes.’ The truth is, plus size women come in many shapes, sizes and body types. What suits one plus size lady might not suit another. The key is to find something that suits and flatters you and your shape personally.

The Assumption That Big Isn’t Beautiful

So much of the plus size fashion advice I read focuses on covering up, hiding, or ‘creating the appearance of’ something else, like height or a smaller waist. But you should be embracing your own appearance – not trying to mimic a different body type. If you’re a plus size lady that wants to show off her arms and shoulders, then go for it! If you want to accentuate your curves rather than hide them, then don’t let anyone tell you that you should be covering or hiding your body.

‘Plus Size Women Should Only Wear Black’

I’m sure in plus size women’s fashion advice, you have come across lots of black. ‘Wear dark colours to create a slimming appearance.’ ‘Black is more fashionable and flattering for a larger lady.’ At Tia Tia plus size boutique, we simply don’t do plain black. We believe that you should be standing out with bold patterns and vibrant colours, not blending into the background. Again, it’s about finding something that works for your body, flatters you, and makes you feel good.

Tia Tia Plus Size Fashion Advice

So, that’s why I’m making a promise to you, and all the other plus size ladies that may read the Tia Tia blog. As a plus size lady myself, I understand the frustrations and the needs of the larger lady. And any advice I give is advice that I follow myself. Having run the Tia Tia plus size fashion boutique for many years, I know plus size fashion. And any recommendations I make come from experience and also my heart. – No patronising comments, no ‘problem areas’ and definitely no black.

Want More Plus Size Women’s Fashion Advice?

Then be sure to keep an eye on the Tia Tia plus size fashion blog! I will be producing regular content with the plus size woman in mind.

And if you want some more personal advice or support, why not pop into the Tia Tia plus size fashion boutique in Cheltenham, or contact me for a chat? We hand pick all of our garments with plus size ladies in mind. And we’re always around to give friendly and personal advice and support during the shopping experience.