Why You Should Be Shopping at a Plus Size Boutique

Jul 3, 2019 | Plus Size Fashion Advice | 0 comments

When it comes to plus size clothes for women, it can sometimes feel like there are very few fashionable options for the plus size lady. Chances are that you struggle when it comes to buying plus size clothes for ladies, as most of the options that you find “fashionable” on the High Street and online are probably also those that don’t fit you. Many larger women develop the notion that only those who are skinny or the right kind of curvaceous are able to wear fashionable clothes. And I can’t blame them when all we are offered from High Street and online retailers are smaller clothes for skinnier bodies. But it doesn’t have to be like that! Here are all of the reasons why you should be shopping at a plus size boutique, rather than online or on the High Street.

Clothes In Your Size

How many times have you found the perfect outfit only to realise that either the retailer doesn’t offer your size, or your size is completely sold out? This is such a common problem for us larger ladies when it comes to the High Street and online shopping. And is also why the fashion industry has been accused of ignoring the plus size market altogether. In most cases, a plus size clothing boutique will sell only larger sizes. So, you can be sure that whatever you pick up will be available in your size – in-store or to order.

Clothes With Your Body In Mind

Or, perhaps you’ve had the opposite problem. Maybe the retailers you visit do have your size available, but the cut of the outfit just doesn’t suit your body. This is because most clothes in these sorts of retailers are designed with skinnier bodies in mind. And then they are just simply made larger. But curvier ladies’ bodies don’t work like that! We have different proportions, and of course, we are not all one size or shape. At a plus size boutique like Tia Tia, we hand pick all of our garments with our customers in mind. And most of them come from plus size clothing brands, who have designed their clothes specifically for plus size women. So, you can be sure you’ll find something that suits your specific body type.

Personal Advice and Support

One of the difficult aspects of shopping for clothing online, is that you just don’t get any advice. And when High Street retailers tend to favour skinnier ladies as shop assistants, it can be difficult to get some genuine feedback or advice for your body type. At the Tia Tia plus size clothing boutique, myself and my business partner are both curvier ladies. And we are both frequent shoppers at Tia Tia ourselves. You can be sure that when you are trying on clothes at Tia Tia, you will receive personal advice and support. – And we’re not just trying to make a sale. We’re here to help you feel simply fabulous!

Supporting Plus Size Brands

Why shop at clothing retailers who avoid plus size fashion? When you shop at a plus size boutique, you’re showing your support for plus size brands, helping them to keep doing what they do best. The fact that we have so many loyal, regular plus size ladies shopping at Tia Tia means that we can continue to grow. And the support from our lovely ladies helps us to continue to support them in return with great fashion and spectacular service!

Come and Visit The Tia Tia Plus Size Boutique!

At Tia Tia, we understand how frustrating shopping in the high street can be. We therefore strive to provide curvier ladies with a large, gorgeous selection of designer plus sized clothes that will make them feel fabulous! And our friendly, professional style advice and support is unparalleled.

Why not pop in to our Cheltenham boutique to browse our collection? Alternatively, you can get in touch with us to find out more about our clothes.